Can I get my sprinkler repaired in freezing temperatures?

14 Mar 2020
by Skyler Malley

Denver Sprinkler repair is a service that is most commonly used in the Spring – but there are times during the cold season where you may notice problems and issues. When is the best time to get these fixed? Believe it or not, it is totally possible to not only repair but also prevent certain… Read More »

Top Reasons to Choose a Sprinkler Company

10 Mar 2020
by justinvergano

Is it ever too early to start thinking about lawn and garden care? With an ever-changing weather pattern in Colorado, it can be tough to really keep up with the demands and constantly evolving needs of a landscape, and not everyone has the time or patience for it. This is where a Denver sprinkler company… Read More »

What types of services do Denver sprinkler companies offer?

14 Jan 2020
by Skyler Malley

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about irrigation systems, or what irrigation companies do. It’s an easy concept to ignore until you find yourself in the position of needing that information! Considering your options for who to turn to with your lawn and garden needs related to… Read More »

What is the Best Time of Year to Schedule a Sprinkler Installation?

11 Dec 2019
by justinvergano

Though it’s beginning to creep into the chilly winter months, it’s never too soon to begin considering your plan for landscaping and lawn maintenance for the next year. This is a great time to be weighing your options and formulating a game plan, so when the weather perks up and it starts to feel warm… Read More »

How Do I Prepare My Landscaping for Winter?

14 Nov 2019
by justinvergano

  As winter draws closer in Colorado, many Denver residents are looking from their windows out onto the lawn and thinking about the upcoming steps required to prepare the landscaping for the chilly winter months. For many, the winter season is seen as a little break from the constant mowing, weeding, and raking that is… Read More »

Managing a Large Property with Lawn Irrigation

11 Sep 2019
by justinvergano

Any large project, be it home improvement or landscaping, presents it’s set of difficulties and challenges to conquer for the desired end result. When it comes to matters of lawn care, things get complicated quickly. Throw in a new lawn irrigation system and you’ll have a headache pretty quick if you don’t know what you’re… Read More »

How to Handle a Damaged Sprinkler Valve

09 Aug 2019
by justinvergano

Sprinkler systems are a tricky business if you’re not a professional. One of the most common issues that come up with them are damaged valves, which can prove to be a small problem that grows without proper handling. While it’s always best to let a professional handle a sprinkler valve repair, here are a few… Read More »

Why Denver Landowners Need Sprinkler Systems

17 Jul 2019
by Skyler Malley

We live in a beautiful city in a gorgeous state. That’s why Denver lawn irrigation is so important to uphold the image of our city and help keep our world healthy, hydrated, and happy. If you’re a landowner in Denver and haven’t yet upgraded to using a smart sprinkler system, here are all the reasons… Read More »

Make Your Garden The Envy of the Neighborhood with Garden Irrigation

15 May 2019
by Skyler Malley

  Summer is coming—the season that requires you to put the most thought into your lawn care practices. If you are lax with your lawn, you could end up with brown, dead grass that will make you ashamed of the home you keep. But with the proper preparation, your lawn could be the finest on… Read More »

Creative Garden Irrigation Systems

05 Jun 2018
by Skyler Malley

  Garden Irrigation Systems: Your Options An automated sprinkler system is an essential must-have for a carefree lawn and garden.  A multitude of options exist to meet any budget, yard, and design challenge. Perhaps you have limited space or strict homeowner association guidelines.  No matter the challenge, the professionals at Colorado Sprinkler Service can help… Read More »


Your sprinkler system and landscaping increases curb appeal with the overall look and feel of your house, but in Colorado, things get a little more hectic at wintertime. Our team of Denver sprinkler and landscaping professionals know how to keep your Denver yard looking great through the swing in seasons.

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