Make Sure Your Sprinklers Are Repaired and Ready for Spring

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Denver Sprinkler Repair Will Prepare You For Spring


With winter ending, it’s once again time to turn your mind toward spring yard maintenance.  An important facet of maintaining your yard is ensuring your sprinkler system is repaired and ready to deliver the water your landscape requires. Here’s what Denver sprinkler repair experts have to say on the subject.

Sprinkler System Inspection

Prior to reanimating your sprinkler system after its winter dormancy, the Denver sprinkler repair experts at Colorado Sprinkler Service highly recommend a sprinkler system inspection.  Winter temperatures and harsh winds can cause unseen damage to your irrigation system resulting in costly repairs and/or wasted water if ignored. In addition, snow plows along with the freeze and thaw cycle can wreak havoc on sprinkler heads and lines.

A professional sprinkler inspection ensures the entire system is working properly and is not causing any damage or waste.  A professional inspection can also alert you to any repairs that might be required.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Certain maintenance tasks can easily by done by homeowners.  In the spring, be sure to clean the weather sensors and sprinkler heads that may have been covered by debris during the cold weather.  

Change the battery in the controller if necessary and adjust the sprinkler schedule for the current weather.

After the inspection ensures your system is in working order, run your system to determine that your full landscape has coverage.  Adjust the zones and heads as necessary to be sure your entire yard is covered. Adjust for overspray and runoff as well.

Irrigation System Repairs

The most common damage over the long winter are fittings and seals breaking.  They should be repaired at the start of spring.

Any damaged sprinkler heads should be repaired or replaced.  Valves may also have leads or damage that require replacement. Colorado Sprinkler Service can help with the maintenance of your existing system.

Don’t ignore the valuable investment your sprinkler system represents.  Contact Colorado Sprinkler Service to get your irrigation system in top shape for spring!

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